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USB / USB2.0 external hard drive enclosures

Why buy external hard drive at funny price while you can DIY so easily? ordinary desktop disk drives ( 3.5" IDE hard drive) can be converted to external hard drive with these kits, simply fix the hard drive in the USB / USB2.0 enclosure!

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USB external hard drive
USB external hard drive enclosure (model Y-350)

support IDE 3.5" hard drive, zip / MO drive of all make; data speed up to 1.2 Mbps;

£ 42.98
USB2.0 external hard drive enclosure
USB2.0 external hard drive enclosure (model N350)

support IDE 3.5" hard drive, zip / MO drive of all make, data speed up to 480 Mbps;


£ 45.98
USB2.0 external hard drive enclosure (model U252)

This is basically the same as N350, but also support IDE 5.25" DVD/ CD-RW/DVD-RW/CD drive, data speed up to 480Mbps;

£44 .98


Introduction: USB enclosure+hard drive = external hard drive!

USB enclosures provide an ideal bridge from IDE to USB, combining the functionality of IDE drives with easiness & convenience of USB, which enable the IDE drive to work exactly as a fixed internal drive, with USB2.0, you even don't sacrifice the data transfer speed when the IDE drive transferred from internal to external. USB2.0 is backward compatible with USB1.1 ports of computer.

Main features / specifications Items included/packing List
  • True Plug & Play, no setting required, no driver installation (Windows ME & 2000 or above);
  • Hot inserting & swapping supported; no need to turn off computer to plug and unplug this device;
  • USB (ver 1.1 or 2.0) interface, easily changeable between computers;
  • Active LED power indicators (Y350 only)
  • USB / USB2.0 enclosure;
  • USB / USB2.0 A-B cable;
  • Driver in CD-ROM (for WINDOWS 98 & Mac OS 8.6);
  • AC adapter;
  • User Manual
System requirements Supported systems
For PC:
  • Pentium 200MHz higher;
  • 64MB Ram
For MAC:
  • PowerPC G3, G4, or iMAC;
  • Free disk space: 2 MB.
  • Windows ME & 2000 & XP: no installation required;
  • Windows 98 SE;
  • MAC OS 9.x : no installation required;
  • MAC OS 8.6 or higher

Warranty / Support

Technical data

USB / USB2.0 external enclosure carries12 months warranty, return to base; this can be prolonged at a small fee.

UK supplier website support.

  • USB1.1 or USB2.0 (downward compatible with 1.1);
  • Support ATA(IDE)-4 compatible device;


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USB external DVD/ CD-RW/ DVD-RW/ Hard drive enclosures

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